lux laze trailer

limited vhs/dvd/comic combo packs set for release on july 1st. you can pre-order if you like, get in touch

pwr paper

thanks to rasmus and hanna for asking me to be in their excellent PWR PAPER, with some google searches of all things...... can buy it here

also doing stuff in it:

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Ida Lehtonen / www.idalehtonen.com
Ben Jones / www.paperrad.org
Amanda Svensson /
Matt Lock / www.puffandmagic.com


dream 6

new york city, an aerial view of a fairly narrow totally straight man-made river chute which started at one point in a sort of jungle, went through the city and came out in the harbour far away on the horizon. athletes started jumping into the empty chute and running a sort of marathon down towards the far end, some of them pole-vaulting in and others hurdling and hop skip and jumping in. there must have been thousands of runners after a while. then water started pouring in from holes in the sides until everyone was floating out to sea.

everyone was hanging out on the riversides. these brightly coloured chalk-dusted stencils of the queen and prince phillip kept floating downstream. i jumped in and grabbed a part of the queen's face with my hand and it skewed nicely across the water. monkeys and weird animals kept crossing the river with dead prey and climbing the trees.


lucky pdf

some work for luckypdf's 24 hour live tv broadcast - the title sequence and some intermission videos and stuff



lux laze zine

available for trades/buy, email daniel@danielswan.co.uk if you want one (+ other stuff)