jotta / intel project 02 - the persistence of memory

using after effects shape layers, bevelling, randomization and keyframed paths to draw in paint-strokes and amorphous forms that fade and blur in and out


a constantly-changing digital canvas filled with dreamlike forms in various stages of clarity


video sketch reel

with drawings of varying quality from arran ridley, theodoros giannakis, petros moris and me

live video sketching

with arran at auto italia for the final episode of lucky pdf tv

then everything technical kind of broke down and it was awkward for a long time

dream 8

we had a baby girl who could speak by the age of 2 months. she was very sweet and never cried, even when we had a party and people kept drunkenly slamming doors to find the toilet. a worrying dream



jotta / intel project 01 - the persistence of memory

beginning a high-definition video triptych based around dali's 'the persistence of memory'.

drawing on the ephemeral and enigmatic qualities in dreaming that dali was inspired by, digital 'paint' will descend, curl into forms, settle into semi-recognisable arrangements before slowly melting offscreen. the effect of watching the three portrait-oriented videos together may be that forms naturally coincide or appear to make sense fleetingly, approximating the brain's own impressive application of logic and authenticity to its own twitching electrical impulses while in a dream-state.