aerial view of woman lying face down on a rural hill at twilight. lying inside a huge fabric bag, holding onto the rim with the main body extending above her head, almost like lying on the pillow of a huge sleeping bag. then see her speeding across the ground on it, down rocky escarpments and across valleys. wonder why she isn't getting hurt. keep seeing passenger planes in the distance. then she stops at a certain point and a plane arcs towards her, getting very close to the ground. realise she is purposely in the flightpath. when the plane passes just over her the engine suddenly pumps the balloon of her device with hot air and sends her hurtling high up into the air at hundreds of miles per hour. she manages to hold on just with her hands and swoops and flies around.

in a city. strange things happening, lots of altercations with people, huge tension in the air. one boy with powers says he wants to try to help, so we go with a woman to a field and he crouches down. the strange fuzzy dislocated look to the world disappeared and we were happy it was normal again for now