process - the faces of cities and architecture: the climate of the middle east and india

kandariya mahadeo temple, kajuraho. c.1000

lakshmana temple 950-1050

raja rani temple, bhubaneswar. c.1000

brahmeswara temple, bhubaneswar. c.1075

lingaraja temple, bhubaneswar. c.1000

towers of silence, located on the rocky hills, yazd, iran

citadel, jodhpur, 17th - 18th century

tomb of jahangir, shadera, near lahore. c.1626

cave temple, 2nd century b.c.

facade of cave temple

 interior of cave temple at kali, 1st century b.c.

cliffside tombs at naqsh-i rustam, near persepolis

cave dwellings at uchisar, cappadocia

remains of mohenjo daro (mound of the dead), pakistan

persepolis, the great steps of apadana terrace

ampitheatre at pergamon

temple of apollo. one of the largest temples in the ancient world, sardis. 300 b.c. - 150 a.d.

hatshepsut temple, deir el-bahri. 18th dynasty

small village at bande amir, afghanistan