dream 2

went to visit some science place where there was a largeish donut-shaped glass tank thing in a big room with an open or glass roof. the glass thing was almost more like a snail's shell, with the walkway descending to an opening. a guy showed me how a strange pulley system could slow him down as he went down the ramp and enter the donut at a constant speed. then he showed me, or i saw through his eyes, how four large robotic arms attached to a glass suit could let him simulate weightlessness, and he floated around the tank with the robot arms acting out the inertia and stuff as he banked and rolled around. he mustve been taking video using the suit cos he then showed me the room in the middle which was a video edit room so you could watch it back w/o having to get out the suit, but it was actually a really tiny door you crawled half through and put your tape in a tv. people worked in there but for the most part ignored him/me.