dream 1

navifating beauty king and beauty queen from paris to their hotel way far away on along the coast. each had supercars.
saw things like huge floating circles of canvas with small chamber orchesteas floating above the sea, the fastest boat ive ever seen going the wrong way along the sea and making all these other amphibious vehicles swerve and crash, going maybe 300 mph
beauty queen got to the hotel first, i had a giant map which was expensive but i thought was worth it. went in. gradually others started arriving, felt like i had met them before, we were all friends. some didnt like being frisked. one had the biggest gun i had ever seen with buttons all over it lie a synthesizer or something. they were pushed by the staff or something and let bullets out. then we all had to behave, i held the gun and put its double triggers on safety to show the staff. then we arranged a party in our room that started at 7.30. it was already 6