dream 4

me and friend in a field, with a farmer and his huge dog. had to stay there overnight. had a suitcase with all my stuff in it, open on the floor, the og kept coming and pulling socks from it, at first i managed to make it drop them and take an old one i threw to it but then kept coming back to it. the farmer decided to construct the fences in such a way to protect us at night. it was going to be like a sort of hexagon (huge hexagon) with segments, with him and the dog in one and us in an opposite one. the fences had a sort of mezzanine level you could walk about on, a sort of netting, bouncy level. we started jumping around, i was over at the far side near the road. i was really thirsty so the farmer offered me the very end of his drink in a polystyrene cup, was meant to be like coke but made from golden syrup. was warm and tasted like regurgitated spit, with that same consistency. think i went to get a real coke from a vendor that pulled up in a truck.