preparing for an installation with lucy at off modern on the 29th

Memento Mori - Scene V
a collaboration between Daniel Swan and Lucy Stockton
Hovering somewhere between unused science fiction film-set and immersive walk-in installation, MEMENTO MORI allows visitors to partake in the hazy funeral ceremony of a human being that will not exist for fifty generations.
Taking cues from folk tradition, dreams, popular culture and films both real and imagined, a stark vision of a ceremony mutated yet preserved by time and events is presented using our primitive technology. Data projection, sculpture, light, fog and sound combine to produce the immersive and intoxicating environment of a distant future strongly influenced by its past, with dim fluorescents, distant clouds and potted plants reflecting in the elevated black coffin that presides over the scene.


come along if you can, if not for this then for kalakuta!