dream 3

doing jackass stunt kinda show with some filipinos on a beach. was there all day. one guy kept doing all the stunts towards me, first with ninja wheels he threw which skimmed me and made my back bleed, him holding me down for other stuff. at one point him and some people blindfolded me and bundled me on a motorbike which sped down the beach. the big stunt he wanted to do was something with throwing knives. knew it was going to involve me and i was worried. at first he was just going to throw them as far as he could and i would film it (throw them towards me). but then he wanted to do a weird random release thing with the knives on some sort of spinning rotator, and also had a sort of frame which he wanted me and  his colleagues to put our heads in. said no. told him a good stunt to do would be to skydive and drop a target board too and throw the knives into it while falling. told him he would probably set a new world record too.
then there was some stuff where an old indian man was pulling a broken down lorry with ropes through a busy market street.
then it was my first day at a new class at school (had missed a lot of days due to the stunts). chris was there and karl. tutor was a lot like a filipino johnny depp willy wonka and was sat on a really tall pedestal desk thing. i said my name and went to sit down at the back w chris and karl, also anne was sat next to me. at one point had to rule a line with some huge floppy bits of wood-hessian i had left over from the stunt thing. let anne and chris borrow it, but chris and karl never seemed to quite understand me, like they were in a bubble. prospective students and their parents (i think that was who they were) came outside of the class watching the teacher as he played with his weird glasses which he pullled a tab and they grew or something. he sort of performed for them. (also there was another teacher waiting inside the door to speak to ours but he didnt answer him,i even thought he might be too embarrassed if another teacher saw his act but he seemed not at all). then some women came round with huge plates of food, eclairs, donuts, cakes. i wanted a profiterole. they almost gave me it but then took it away when they knew it was my first day and i hadnt had one before. i thought  that was really stupid and i was angry. then i was walking on a sunny pavement with cars on one side and a beautiful coast on another, towards a blue shining city